From time to time the guys will release a special pod that is not apart of the standard TESD cannon. Sometimes these pods can be purchased and other times you must follow instructions in order to receive a download link.

Specials aviable via mail-in promotion:

  • Thank you Podcast for Hollywood Improv Ticket Buyers (Now available for purchase)
  • Benefit Podcast for Brendan Marrocco (Now available for purchase)
  • Adam & Eve Bonus Pod (Now available for purchase)
  • Audible Podcast (Mail-in Redemption Only)

Specials available for purchase:

  • Brylands: A Peephole History
  • The Worst Episode Ever
  • Puck Nuts Bonus Podcast
  • Space Monkeys (Episode 1)
  • Thank you Podcast for Hollywood Improv Ticket Buyers
  • Benefit Podcast for Brendan Marrocco
  • Adam & Eve Bonus Pod
  • TESD XMas – 2011
  • TESD XMas – 2012
  • TESD OverKill

All avilable from the Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave BandCamp store - http://tellemstevedave.bandcamp.com/

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